Jeux évasion Saint-Bruno



Mission impossible

In 2007, while the Extraordinary Diamonds Exposition organized by La Maison Cartier was showing at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, a spectacular robbery occurred. The famous thief Billy TheCunning stole the biggest rose diamond in the world: the famous 3106.75 carats Cullinan Diamond.                                                                                                                                                                                          You are a part of the tactic team chosen to retrieve this priceless diamond at Billy TheCunning’s landmark. Your mission is to get it back to its original owner. Do not waste time, you only have about an hour to accomplish your mission.  


In the days of knights, in far away lands, word of the legend of Excalibur has spread far and wide amongst the people in the kingdom. In this universe filled with swords, castles and heroes, you are knights and must use finesse and determination to find the secret hiding place of the famous Excalibur. This magical sword was gifted to the King by Merlin the Enchanter. The king was unworthy of this great sword and it has become a prisoner of the stone. According to legend, only a knight with a pure heart may pull the sword from the stone. Will you succeed where many others have failed? Will you be the hero who will release Excalibur?

Far West


Ahahahahaha  Y’all…? The Eastwood Family…? Heirs to the rich Mister McCoy…? Ah ah ah you thought you could fool me… I understand that all you want is to steal his land. Until you can show me the real testament and the identity of the alleged crook, you are stuck here to… rot in jail… ahahahaha. You have 75 minutes to prove your innocence. 

Across the universe

The space crew is in danger. As you probably know, Planet Earth is slowly running out of ressources to the population’s essential needs. That is why NASA has reinstated your position as Captain and has assigned you a new crew. You are now on board of the QUE Entreprise in hope to find another habitable planet. While the ship is navigating through space, a member of the infiltrated crew sabotaged the spacecraft. The ship, now adrift in space, is heading straight to our planet. Captain, take control and lead your crew in order to turn the ship back on. You only have about one hour left until the fatal collision.  

Mine collapse

Will you escape the mine before running out of air? You are a team of miners and are working 500 feet underground in a gold mine. As you finish your day, the earth begins to shake. What you feared most has just happened: the exit of the mine has just collapsed. You are now stuck inside the mine with your work team and you already feel that it is harder to breathe. You know that air will be more and more rare in the next hour. Your team needs turn the generator back on to get air before suffocating and then find a way to escape.  

Funzy Couz

Funzy Mario's cousin is lost

Funzy Mario's cousin unfortunately ended up in his cousin's world. Obviously, he wants to get back to his own world but he is stuck on this level of the game. You will have to help Funzy finish the level he started and finally return to his own world